ASAC Aviation Group Jets has established a strong reputation as one of the most trustworthy names in the private jet brokering industry.


ASAC Aviation Group has established a strong reputation as one of the most trustworthy names in the air charter services and private jet brokering industry. Here’s a little bit about the companies and industry bodies we work with to provide all our clients the most secured and safe charter services.

The Air Charter Association

Very well-known within the industry, the Air Charter Association is the world’s leading trade association for all things air charter. Formerly known as the Baltic Air charter Association, they were founded in 1949 and their aim is simply to raise standards of professionalism within aviation.

National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)

Best known as the NBAA, this organization has US aviation at its core – and it wants it to flourish. Founded in 1947, the NBAA is associated with more than 11,000 companies. It boasts more than 100 products and services within business aviation.

Even people unfamiliar with aviation news have often heard of the NBAA. This industry juggernaut gains plenty of exposure at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition. After all, it’s the biggest civil aviation trade show on the planet. Working with charities, presenting awards to aviation legends, and focusing on environmental policy indicates NBAA positive impact.

European Business Aviation Association (EBAA)

As the name suggests, the EBAA is based in Europe. Belgium, to be specific. But their influence stretches far beyond the continent as they represent over 715 member companies – and one of those is ASAC Aviation.

When it comes to business aircraft, the EBAA know their stuff. They’re the leading organization for European operators. And their aim is to improve safety standards in aviation. To help achieve this, they offer upwards of 50 products and services to the business aviation industry. This includes the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE), which is the largest trade show of its kind in Europe.

ARGUS International

ARGUS International make it their job to make us better. A world leader in specialized aviation services, ARGUS are responsible for onsite operation audits, charter broker ratings, safety and technology solutions, and more.

When ARGUS come knocking, we open our doors – and our books. They leave no stone unturned when digging into our financials. And they’ll let us know how to streamline our process for maximum efficiency. This ensures that we can consistently deliver to our customers as promised.


WYVERN's state-of-the-art aviation safety intelligence database, advanced safety risk management software, and highly experienced auditors ensures that WYVERN Operators operate the safest jets and adhere to the strict safety protocols so you can rest assured that the aircraft you're flying has been thoroughly checked.


ASAC Aviation’s industry leading flight operations software is integrated with Osprey’s cutting-edge Flight Risk Assessment System to instantaneously assess every single flight, collecting data from 200,000 sources in 60 languages for a real-time view of global safety.

We look at the most efficient way to fly, with safety being the core driver. By providing even more meaningful data to our inhouse experts, we are able to create a smoother flight experience for our customers. Safety is and must always be a common goal for all aviation companies, and we are proud to lead the way by adopting the most advanced innovation technologies available on the market ahead of anyone else in business aviation.


ASAC Aviation partners with MedAire, the world's leading travel risk management solution provider. With over 30 years of aviation experience, MedAire provides 24/7 expert medical and security assistance in-flight and on the ground. With leading travel risk safety solutions integrated with best-in-class assistance, crew training, medical kits and equipment, our partnership helps ensure the health and safety of those on board.

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