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Customs Brokerage documentation Services

ASAC Aviation expertise in the wide variety of customs procedures means that we are able to provide customs clearance services to all of our customers. Our customs experts will handle all import and export customs declarations for your goods in due time, and work with local customs authorities according to local constraints and agreed conditions. We will also accurately carry out the movements of your goods to facilitate your international flows in a customs territory. Customs brokerage is the regulatory clearance of shipments and the delivery of goods across international borders for organizations and individuals. That’s the easy part. .

ASAC Aviation understands that the key to modern Customs brokerage is the creative application and integration of technology. We build data tables controlled by licensed Customs experts and use remote filing systems to electronically verify all data inputs and outputs. ASAC Aviation treats each shipment as though our business depends on it — because it does, which is why we always go the extra mile for you and your cargo. Our in-house Customs brokerage team is an extension of your business, and we do whatever it takes to help you succeed and achieve long term growth. Whether you’re a multinational conglomerate, an E-commerce online retailer or a mid-size importer .

Import and export customs brokerage services, transit

When your business relies on imported goods, you need to work with a shipping services company that can get your merchandise through customs in a timely manner. ASAC Aviation Services, LLC is made up of a team of highly-experienced customs brokers and entry writers. Our brokers are licensed through the Customs department and are well-versed in tariff and custom laws, allowing them to foresee and avoid potential obstacles to customs clearance. Working with a customs broker is the best way to ensure that your goods are successfully imported and that you are not overcharged in duties or taxes. .

Customs Brokerage Services We Offer Include

• Interagency Liaison: Depending on the goods you are importing, you may need government clearance from agencies, Our customs clearing agents communicate with the necessary agencies to ensure your merchandise meets all rules and regulations before entering the country.

• Remote Location Filing: Our brokers have the national permits necessary to qualify for remote location filing, which means we can file data on certain types of merchandise from any location, regardless of the imported goods’ port of entry. This helps us streamline the shipping process for many of our clients.

• Customs Bonds: If your commercial goods are valued at $2,500 or more, you will need a customs bond to guarantee all duties, taxes, and other fees will be paid to the government. A broker can secure your transaction with a broker’s bond, eliminating a potential roadblock in the shipping process.

• Binding Rulings: When you seek a binding classification ruling, you’re trying to guarantee that your goods will be ruled as a specific tariff classification. This means that the same duty rates will always apply to your goods, no matter what port of entry you use. Not only does this help bring peace of mind, it also makes it easier to determine long-term costs. Our experienced agents can help you through this often complicated process.

• Web-based Tracking: You’ll never have to wonder where your international shipment is at any given time. We provide 24/7 access to tracking information through our online portal, so that you know your shipment is on track to reach its final destination on time.

An Innovative Suite of Services

The ASAC Aviation team is available 24/7 to supply our valued clients with the best possible aircraft and equipment, properly suited to budget and destination. Our long standing relationships and maximized buying power ensure we deliver solutions with greater economy and efficiency. We are equipped to offer streamlined, full-scale, and customized solutions to meet the needs of your organization. Simply begin the process by emailing us