ASAC Aviation provides access to a global network of security partners with superior expertise in our Owners’ unique personal protection requirements. Spend whatever it takes to be the safest and most secure. Then, spend whatever it takes to stay that way.


As the world works to respond to the evolving situation of COVID-19, ASAC Aviation is committed to working with our customers and community. Customers are taking comfort in our heightened standards on aircraft cleaning, security, flexibility of travel and privacy, which are not guaranteed by any other type of transport during times of instability. To safeguard passengers and crew, and to ensure continuity of service, we have taken additional steps along with partners to further strengthen safety and security procedures every day.

1. PARTNER WITH A REPUTABLE COMPANY: With tens of companies offering flights and private jet memberships, it’s critical to book from a reputable company. Research how long they’ve been operating and ask for legal registration documents, such as:

• United States: FAA Air Carrier Certificate (which shows FAA approval for commercial flight use and safety standards) and D085 (an FAA listing that defines which aircraft can legally be used for private jet charter services).

• Europe: EASA Certification testifies that an aircraft meets the rigorous safety requirements set by the European Union.

• China/ASIA: Air Operator Certificate by CAAC: provides the basis for CAAC to regulate the activities of an operator and it is the means by which an air operator is authorised to conduct commercial air transport operations.

2. ASK ABOUT SAFETY STANDARDS:Before selecting a private aviation company, ensure safety is their top priority. Ask about the company’s safety rating, the aircraft’s safety management system, as well as a background on pilot experience and total hours flown. These standards should be clearly stated and available for you.

3. BE AWARE OF COVID-19 PROTOCOLS:A thorough commitment to safety is more important now than ever. Aviation companies should provide upfront communication on specific sterilization methods, if they’re offering passenger screenings, what onboard medical services are offered and details on emergency protocols.

4. AIRCRAFT AVAILABILITY FOR IMMEDIATE TRAVEL:To ensure that the company can get you an aircraft when you need it, ask about the company's network, fleet size and guaranteed availability of aircrafts outside typical booking deadlines, to be covered for any emergency travel needs.


ASAC Aviation leads the industry in pioneering and adopting the most advanced technologies in business aviation. Our proactive approach towards safety prepares us to face the requirements for your worldwide flight needs. Through a dedicated safety department, ASAC Aviation has in place a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) to identify, assess, and mitigate risk for a safe operation and working environment for all ASAC Aviation customers and employees.


ASAC Aviation’s industry leading flight operations software is integrated with Osprey’s cutting-edge Flight Risk Assessment System to instantaneously assess every single flight, collecting data from 200,000 sources in 60 languages for a real-time view of global safety.

We look at the most efficient way to fly, with safety being the core driver. By providing even more meaningful data to our inhouse experts, we are able to create a smoother flight experience for our customers. Safety is and must always be a common goal for all aviation companies, and we are proud to lead the way by adopting the most advanced innovation technologies available on the market ahead of anyone else in business aviation."


ASAC Aviation partners with MedAire, the world's leading travel risk management solution provider. With over 30 years of aviation experience, MedAire provides 24/7 expert medical and security assistance in-flight and on the ground. With leading travel risk safety solutions integrated with best-in-class assistance, crew training, medical kits and equipment, our partnership helps ensure the health and safety of those on board.


ASAC Aviation provides access to a global network of security partners with superior expertise in our Owners’ unique personal protection requirements.


ASAC Aviation provides the utmost privacy. Our Owners are not associated with specific tail numbers, and passenger travel data is maintained under the strictest of confidentiality behind cutting-edge cyber security. Additionally, at many airports our boarding lounges offer Owners exclusive access to secure, private points of departure. This ensures you travel without concern regarding public scrutiny because no one will ever know when and where you are traveling.

OFFERING PROTECTION TO HIGH-PROFILE TRAVELERS—AT HOME AND ABROAD: Leading Security Company Partnership with ASAC Aviation, provides our Owners access to a global network of security partners with superior expertise in personal protection.

ASAC Aviation was built on a foundation of unwavering commitment to safety and service, combining the latest in-flight technology and the highest safety standards in the industry. Security Solutions focuses on travel security and helps us extend a customized range of elite services to meet our Owners’ unique safety requirements. And it is all done while preserving our Owners’ productivity and ability to enjoy an exceptional travel experience.

LEADERSHIP AND EXPERTISE: Because of our in-house expertise, we have the ability to leverage an extensive network of highly skilled security professionals with decades of unmatched security experience gained from federal, state, and local law enforcement, as well as the U.S. military. This international network of safety experts is available 24/7 to provide various levels of security services, such as secure ground transportation, close-protection agents, and medically trained personnel. Our Security Services and solution tactical experience in counterterrorism and undercover operations, making him ideally suited to lead this venture.

SERVICE OFFERINGS: We offer a premium service on select routes, with a recommended minimum security package that corresponds to the current threat level of the Owner’s destination according to the U.S. Department of State.


ASAC Experienced global team looking after each and every passenger.

• 1,000+ aviation experts.

• A diverse team of over 60 nationalities.

• Traveling the equivalent of three trips to the moon each month.

• ASAC Aviation Cabin Hostesses have years of combined flying experience.

To ensure top performance, every crew member is monitored against circadian rhythm to ensure ample rest and a flight risk assessment is undetaken before every flight.


• Every ASAC Aviation pilot holds an EASA type rating for the aircraft they fly, to ensure maximum familiarity and instinctive reactions to any situation.

• Each ASAC Aviation Pilot-in-Command has a flown a minimum of 3,000 hours, received over 40 hours of classroom and trained for 28 hours of simulator training prior to conducting supervised operational experience of 10 to 20 flights.

All ASAC Aviation Cabin Hostesses have a minimum of 3 years of first class or equivalent experience prior to joining the company and come from culturally diverse backgrounds; speaking on average 2-3 languages.


• ASAC Aviation pilots train twice a year in state-of-the-art simulators that include flying procedures for winter airports and real-world flight scenarios.

• ASAC Aviation pilots undergo additional training including: initial type rating, security, cruise relief course, firefighting, dangerous goods handling, winter operations training, and a myriad of additional in-house technical trainings.

• ASAC Aviation pilots undergo annual checks on line flying duties as well as technical refresh safety courses including ESET and CRM.

• ASAC Aviation Cabin Hostesses complete a 15-day training course and fly alongside a Cabin Hostess trainer for 10 customer flights to monitor and manage performance and individual development – ensuring full potential is fulfilled and the customer receives the highest level of service.

• ASAC Aviation Cabin Hostess training includes training from the British Butler Institute, Norland Nanny training as well as fire-fighting, service excellence, communication skills, food safety and hygiene, WSET Level 1, advance plating training with a top chef.

• Safety training is completed in-house and is comprised of ESET, CRM and MedAire.

Damaged and/or improperly loaded ULD present a hazard to operators, aircraft systems and Structure, cargo and baggage and GSE. Used correctly ULD will remain within their safety limits for many years, requiring only minor repairs to wear and tear type damages. Incorrect handling of ULD, particularly the indiscriminate use of forklifts will result in ULD damage rendering them unserviceable for use.


Policy changes are managed and evaluated regularly by our COVID-19 Joint Response Team. Some of these precautionary measures that directly affect our crewmembers include the following:

• We have tested 100% of our crewmembers for COVID-19 and continue to test anyone who travels to high-risk locations, has been exposed to COVID-19, or becomes symptomatic. We also offer antibody testing for all crewmembers.

• Crewmembers practice safe distancing and are required to wear face masks while interacting with Owners and other passengers. KN95 masks are provided for crewmembers to wear in settings when social distancing cannot be achieved.

• Aircraft are clustered at locations with a high volume of crewmembers, so exposure to commercial travel is drastically limited.

• All crew travel is closely monitored; those exposed in any manner are prohibited from entering ASAC Aviation facilities and aircraft for 14 days until they are deemed recovered by a physician.

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