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With over a decade of air charter experience and over 20 years of combined aviation experience. you can be sure you are in good hands. ASAC Aviation will go the extra mile to ensure your success at every turn.


ASAC Aviation is one of the most discreet and internationally respected companies in private aviation.We are a long standing traditional private jet charter provider in the industry with over Twenty years of combined expertise. Our ethos is to provide our clients with the finest private jets in the world, personal account management, fully independent advice, and industry leading levels of customer service, 24/7 we have also become the first choice supplier for many multinational corporations.

ASAC Corporate-Charters have become increasingly popular as they boast luxurious interiors, high levels of comfort, large baggage capacity, and spacious interiors. Business professionals can take their meetings to the sky as their team travels to their next conference or significant acquisition. If you need to travel and want the highest level of comfort available to you, ASAC Aviation Corporate-Charter is the way to go.

Honoring our commitment to uphold the highest standards of safety, service, and reliability unparalleled in the private aviation industry for every customer. Access a comprehensive suite of services including premium charter, concierge, catering, and ground transportation.

Experience our renowned white-glove service where every detail is designed to delight your guests, from hand-picked entertainment to gourmet cuisine. Make an impact with bespoke corporate branding. Customize every detail of your flight for a one-of-a-kind experience, from menus and headrests to uniforms and insignia.


Regularly scheduled aircraft maintenance is an essential component to maintaining the airworthiness of any aircraft. Without the required maintenance, an aircraft is legally “grounded” or unable to fly.

If your corporate or personal aircraft is unavailable ASAC Aviation Corporate Flight Support can source a replacement aircraft anywhere globally for you to use in the meantime. This covers not only Private Jets, but also Commercial Airliners and Helicopters.


Governmental flights have to run to strict pre-agreed schedules, and as such require the highest possible levels of reactivity and flexibility to ensure everything stays exactly on plan. The time available for ground operations is reduced, but procedures to ensure the safety of the passengers can never be compromised upon. To achieve the fastest possible turnaround times ASAC Aviation’s Corporate Flight Support will be in constant contact with all the involved parties triple checking every individual element of the operation.


Sometimes unforeseeable events happen and plans need to be changed last minute to keep your schedule on track. By letting ASAC Aviation Corporate Flight Support team manage your flights we can find alternative options quickly. Delivering disaster relief & emergency management solutions, we are leaders during humanitarian crises and a long-term partner of both federal and international government agencies, militaries, and non-profit organizations. we are trusted to provide our experience in the form of engineered solutions for some of the world’s most-pressing issues and disasters.

From militaries to governments and NGOs, our team has successfully managed passenger charters during disasters and wars. Our experience and industry relationships allow us to provide customers with impactful support.

Private jet airport flexibility and in-flight route changes.

Private jet itineraries are flexible and can be scheduled to avoid problem areas.

Flights can be changed in-flight to take you to the closest available airport or co-ordinate with ground transport to get you to your destination.


For those who are too sick or weak to cope with commercial flights, an air ambulance is the safest and quickest travel option. ASAC Aviation’s Corporate Flight Support team has access to a large range of aircraft suitable for medical evacuation flights and transportation.

These jets, turboprops and helicopters are specially equipped to transport the sick and injured, accompanied by relatives and specialist medical staff.


1. PERSONAL SERVICE: Every corporate client or institution is assigned their own dedicated, highly experienced, aviation professional account manager to fulfill their every requirement. Support is available 24/7 by phone.

2. INDEPENDENT ADVICE: We provide independent advice, with no bias towards one aircraft manufacturer or operators fleet. We cover the whole market to ensure you hire the newest and safest private & commercial jets at the best prices.

3. FLEXIBILITY: Travel to your own schedule. Need to delay departure? No problem! We can arrange for your private jet to fly to and from almost any airport in the world, many not accessible by commercial airlines.

4. SECURITY: We have many years experience in flying high profile individuals, and understand that your personal information & travel plans must be confidential. We ensure that every aircraft we charter is maintained and cleaned to the highest possible standards.

ASAC Aviation Charter Solutions, the health and safety of our clients, patients–as well as our staff–is our primary mission. Even so, we feel it is important in these uncertain times to let you know how we guard against COVID-19 and all infections on an on-going basis. Before and after each chartered flight, all of our aircraft are regularly cleaned and sanitized. This includes the cabin, cockpit area, all equipment, and human contact points on the fuselage. The staff has recently completed additional educational COVID19 training, and have signed off on and are following additional sanitation protocols related to the virus.

ASAC Aviation will always en-devour to offer our customers the best possible solution within what’s operationally possible, and will react immediately to the changes in restrictions as they are announced. Private jets must adhere to the same government travel directives as airlines regarding passenger restrictions and border controls.

If you are interested in our Corporate Charter Services, reach out to us today on our email to start the process. We are also more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your flight, our services, or our aircraft.

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