Our History

Company was Founded

Since founding in 2003, ASAC Aviation Group has experienced significant growth and now operates a large fleet of aircraft ranging from Turbo-props to ultra-long range heavy jets. We now holds a Worldwide operating certificate and manages charter services around the globe from East Africa Hub.

Company is growing

Today, our employees deliver experiential luxury on five continents from our East Africa Hub.. Comprising multi-faceted luxury charter services in the aviation sector. We operate, manage and charter one of the largest fleets of private jets in the world, assisting entrepreneurs, businesses, entertainers, world-leaders and leisure guests in their shared goal of living a life well-lived, all whilst completing their travel experience safely, discreetly and luxuriously. Our VIP Terminals operations at various airports provide an efficient arrival and departure experience for our guests.

We became a leading company

The future of ASAC Aviation Group, while rooted in the deep history of our past creates new private experiences for our most valued guests. Innovative divisions within our aviation group are the answer to ever more demanding clientele who expect and deserve the best the world has on offer.

Spirit and Achievement

Harkening to a day when private flight was a new, exciting experience, each time one of our team members welcomes a client into our world, they are committed to delivering the values of our company. Knowing that each and every moment matters, our dedication to making those moments even more cherished and memorable are what drives our core and ancillary businesses every day. From our humble beginnings as a single plane operator in Africa to our global footprint around the world, ASAC Aviation Group is the last word in consistently created luxury – experienced privately since 2003.

highest levels of competence and transparency

We continue to fly high and deliver the top standards of ethics and safety. Together with a dedicated team of aviation experts, provide impeccable services based on the highest levels of competence and transparency. Because they know it’s of paramount importance.

a culture of integrity

We are a group of competent and ethical aviation experts advisors passionate about flying, service, safety, and making others happy. From day one, we are building proprietary systems based on best practices, a stellar reputation, and a culture of integrity. ASAC Aviation Group has expanded its service offering after investing in its own proprietary technology to help its customers estimate costs, buy and sell aircraft, locate charter aircraft and manage flights. We also offer jet management, Premium VIP Jet card, jet charter and aircraft purchase, sales and advisory services.

Global aviation experts

With a Platinum ARG/US audit rating, you can be assured that you will be speaking with an aviation expert who understands the air charter process. Each flight is carefully processed using safety protocol, checklists and redundant oversight, all of which has been audited by an independent third party. Safety, peace of mind and cost savings are all part of the ASAC Aviation Group Direct Route experience.

Service Beyond Expectations
each and every day

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