Helicopter Rental Services

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ASAC Aviation group understands that time is of the essence for our executive and high-profile clients—that’s why we offer luxury air charter services and ground transport tailored to your specific needs.

Helicopter Rental Services

When it comes to chartering private flights with ASAC Aviation, clients always have a range of jet charter services available to them. One of the options is chartering a helicopter from accredited helicopters operators. Helicopters are very much their own category within the private air travel industry. Our clients choose to rent a helicopter over a jet when they don’t have too far to travel, want more versatility regarding take-off and landing locations, and wish to arrive at their destination enjoying the fullest VIP treatment imaginable. You can reserve your executive helicopter charter with ASAC Aviation at any time. We have years of experience in delivering top helicopter services.

Why Charter a Helicopter?: With so many types of private jets at your disposal through us, why might someone opt for a helicopter instead? .

The main reason is convenience. Helicopters are particularly useful for short or medium-distance flights, especially when you are in a hurry and want to avoid traffic on the ground. Chartering a helicopter also gives you a lot of flexibility - helicopters can take off and land from locations closer to your destination. Helicopters are smaller so you will find them more appropriate for landing in heavily populated areas such as inside city centers. Your private helicopter can land in a field, on private property if permitted, and on a helipad atop a hotel, office tower, or other building.

Because of that, helicopter rentals are very popular among flyers who want to land near special events such as parties, concerts, and sports games. Also, a private helicopter is often hired for special family occasions such as a wedding or simply for the experience of a helicopter tour. The latter may appeal especially to those who are after aerial photography and panoramic views.

Types of Private Helicopters

ASAC Aviation arranges private helicopters that come in a wide variety of models for your convenience. Each has its own features, including range, speed, and passenger capacity. For instance, the AW101 helicopter which typically seats 10. Meanwhile, the Bell 230 which generally seats only five.

Check out the helicopter section of our Aircraft Guide page, which details all the types of private jets and other aircraft we have. Other helicopter models include the AW109 Grand New, which has a range of 432 nautical miles and rents for around 3300 USD per hour; the Sikorsky S-76, with a range of 404 nautical miles, rents for 4700 USD per hour; and the Eurocopter AS-365-N3 Dauphin, with a range of 428 nautical miles which can be rented for around 2500 USD per hour.

Depending on the helicopter’s size, they are also equipped to handle flight types other than private personal transport. These include cargo missions and Medical evacuation flights..

Helicopters: 3 - 8 pax | 200 - 650 nautical miles | $1,700 - $2,500 per hour

Helicopters are particularly useful for short to medium distance flights. You can find helicopters in a wide variety of available models with ASAC Aviation. Helicopters are a diverse and versatile option for many clients. With the flexibility of numerous configurations, helicopters specialize in VIP executive transport, both within and between cities. They can also serve other purposes, such as cargo missions, medical evacuation flights, and versatile passenger transport.

A wide variety of helicopters and rotorcraft are available in different configurations. While most helicopters are designed for small groups of people, some larger helicopters can accommodate more baggage and passengers. Due to their high operation costs, helicopters are generally not used for long-range flights, but rather for intra-city flights or short routes. Most rotorcraft are generally configured in a VIP layout catering executives and to maximize passenger capacity. They may also be configured for medical ambulances, evacuation flights, or cargo operations.

If you are interested in booking a ASAC Helicopter charter, reach out to us today on our email charter@asacaviationgroup.com to start the process. We are also more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your flight, our services, or our aircraft. We look forward to providing the best trip for you!.

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