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ASAC private jet lease

ASAC Aviation offers a wide range of private travel options, including jet leasing. But is leasing right for you? Here are some things to know about a private jet lease from ASAC Aviation. A unique benefit of ASAC Aviation’s lease Flexibility Plus program. This feature allows you to customize your annual flight hours to align with the actual number of flight hours you require each year. This option can provide significant savings by making up to 25% of your hours available to other Owners within the Flexibility Plus program. If you're flying less than expected, reduce your costs by selling hours to other ASAC Aviation owners. If you're flying more than you expected, you may also purchase hours from other ASAC Aviation t owners in the same or different cabin types.

ASAC Lease Components & international options

ASAC Aviation brings a whole new approach to private international travel, with our new World Access program. An industry first, World Access brings a dynamic pricing model to the international travel and jet lease space. As the length of your trip increases, the hourly rate decreases, providing an attractive economic solution for long-distance travel. Leasing is another ASAC Aviation solution option for personal or business jet travelers who fly 50 or more hours per year. We offer similar benefits with a different payment structure for those who do not want an initial capital outlay. Your costs are guaranteed and predictable for the term of your private jet lease, which can be 24 to 60 months. ASAC Aviation Lease starts at 50 hours of annual flying time and may be increased in 25-hour increments.

exceptional and availability

Enjoy guaranteed access with as little as 4 to 6 hours’ notice (depending on the share size and aircraft type) to more than 750 aircraft1 in our worldwide fleet. The largest, most diverse fleet in the world is composed of a variety of aircraft types across four cabin classes, all outfitted to the utmost ASAC Aviation standards. This means you have full flexibility to make your aircraft fit each individual mission while having the opportunity to experience the different aircraft in our fleet. .

Travel on your terms

As an Owner in the ASAC Aviation Lease program, your Peak Period Days will not exceed 10 days a year. Travel on those high-traffic days is still guaranteed with as little as 48 hours’ notice. And you will never be charged ferry fees when flying within the Collective Service Area or when flying between the Collective Service Area and locations in the ferry waiver zone (which include many of the most popular international destinations) for the specific aircraft type.

ASAC meet these needs you can now secure your own dedicated aircraft, while accessing the largest coverage area in private aviation — at a fraction of the cost of ownership and with flexible term lengths to suit your needs. With heightened market insecurity, many customers have contacted us to evaluate alternative options for their flights. The ASAC Aviation Jet Lease allows you to get the highest level of flexibility in your travel plans – only for as long as you need it.

Choose any aircraft type from the ASAC Aviation fleet, and we will position it at your nearest airport, with a dedicated crew, to be ready to fly you wherever and whenever. Your fixed monthly cost includes up to 50 hours usage per month. Should you need to fly more, additional hours will be available at a reduced rate.

Lease Benefits and Custom Flight Plans

Need to fly safely for work or with family

Need a dedicated option at a moment’s notice

Don’t wish to share due to health situation


Charter does not offer the security of a guaranteed departure

Need to react quickly to market changes

Not the time to commit to ownershipn

Aircraft owners

When your aircraft is on order or in maintenance

If the aircraft is stuck in pre-sale checks

If your crew is impacted by constantly changing safety checks

ASAC safety

At ASAC Aviation Group Jets your safety and security while flying is our top priority. We take every precaution to assure that each passenger will have a safe, stress-free experience every time they travel with ASAC Jets. Anytime ASAC Jets sends you a jet charter quote, it will indicate the safety rating of the airplane. If you have any concerns about the aircraft, the crew, the airports or the weather, ASAC Jets will give you straight forward answers. We will always find you an aircraft option that you are comfortable in. We welcome our clients to request newer aircraft or ARGUS Platinum flight crews. ASAC Jets will accommodate all your requests, so you can have peace of mind and enjoy your flight.

Why ASAC Private Jet lease

There is nothing like traveling on a spacious, private, VIP airliner. People choose VIP flights for a variety of reasons, from business to personal. With all of the luxuries and amenities available on ASAC Aviation VIP flights, you will forget you are even in the air! Not only can these planes accommodate everything you could think of, but they are also designed with the most advanced engineering techniques. This includes an improvement in sound-proofing, range, and infrastructure.

When you are interested in leasing a VIP Jet charter from ASAC Aviation, we offer flights on a variety of different aircraft. All of our VIP Jets provide convenience, comfort, and luxury. These planes are equipped to fly extended routes not suitable for smaller aircraft. Their operating costs are also much higher, so shorter routes are not cost-effective for pilots or travelers.

If you are interested in booking aPrivate Jet lease or Jet charter, reach out to us today through email at to start the process. We are also more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your flight, our services, or our aircraft. We look forward to providing the best trip for you!.